Useful Resources and Websites to Learn About Cranial Sacral Therapy

As our understanding of the human body continues to increase at a breakneck pace, so does our appreciation for new and varied treatment options. Advances in medical technology have given rise to a host of alternative methods that are both non-invasive and effective. While many such treatments are still considered to be in their infancy regarding the medical community "norms", they are nonetheless quite important to examine in more detail. One such alternative is known as cranial sacral therapy. As this topic may be unfamiliar to some, it proves wise to take a look at the varied informative resources and web sites that can be perused to help obtain a better understanding of this field.

Online Resources

A simple Google search is most likely the best place to begin learning about cranial sacral therapy. There are a number of highly authoritative websites surrounding this treatment. Some of the most reputed are:

While these are all excellent starting points, some individuals may instead wish to garner more objective opinions around the subject. The best way to obtain unbiased information will be to perform a Wikipedia search using "cranial sacral therapy" as the title.

Offline Methods

In addition to online resources, there are a number of books and DVDs that can greatly aid in developing a more intricate understanding of this methodology. According to the latest searches, the most popular titles will include:

There are also other sources of knowledge that can be encountered in the form of audio compact discs as well as DVDs. The best way to search for these materials is by browsing Cranial Sacral Therapy on This site will offer the previous titles as well as others. While this may not be an entirely "offline" method, the end result will be obtaining books and other information that can be browsed at one's convenience.

Training and Accreditation

Training will primarily depend on where one is located. For example, those who reside in the United Kingdom can attend the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy. This institute is located in London and offers courses of varying lengths. In addition to cranial sacral therapy, classes in physiology and anatomy are also offered.

Those who live in the United States prefer to attend the Upledger Institute. Courses, seminars, symposiums and other informative introductory classes are available. Proper accreditation will depend on one's level of expertise as well as his or her availability. In addition, provides a comprehensive list of other countries outside of the United States and United Kingdom which offer courses and accreditation.

Naturally, the type of accreditation and the ability for one to practise will be determined by regional and national laws. Nonetheless, a growing number of countries across the globe are offering comprehensive training packages.

These are some of the main web sites and resources that are excellent portals to help develop an innate understanding of this burgeoning field. While the Internet can help one gain a broad understanding of cranial sacral therapy, books and physical courses are the best ways to truly appreciate what this treatment can offer.